Moving home checklist to help you with your house removals

Osbornes Removals Manchester moving home checklist will help you on the run up to your removal day as well the removal day itself.

Things to help your removal company on the day of your move

  • Ensure there is space outside your property for our removals vehicle.
  • Inform your neighbours of your removal date.
  • Disconnect any appliances such as washing machines and freezers.
  • Ensure all fixtures and fittings are taken down off your walls.
  • If coming into storage, ensure freezers are defrosted and all appliances are clean and dry.
  • If you are undertaking your own dismantling, ensure you have allowed enough time to do this.

Things to do on your removal day

  • Ensure you leave keys for the new owners, inc window and garage keys.
  • Alarm codes will need to be left for new owners.
  • Leave a forwarding address for new owners so post can be re-directed.
  • Take a note of all gas, electric and water metres.

Things to do prior to moving home

  • Inform the banks and building societies of your new address.
  • Inform the gas and electricity board as well as the DVLA of your new address.
  • Ensure you save space outside your home to ensure we can get the removal vehicle parked outside your home on removal day.
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Osbornes moving home checklist

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Moving Manchester for over 100 Years!

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