Packing Tips For Moving Home

Here are the top 5 packing tips to help you pack up your home

  1. Do not overfill boxes, especially larger boxes. Not only will you find them hard to move we will too.
  2. Ensure glass and china is well wrapped in either paper or bubble wrap.
  3. Heavier items should be placed into smaller boxes. Eg Books and files.
  4. Always label your boxes. This will ensure they end up in the correct room and will help when unpacking.
  5. Put essential items into clearly labelled boxes – you will want to unpack these boxes first!

Osbornes Removals and Storage Manchester offers full, part and breakables only packing services. We can ensure that your home is safely packed up ready for moving day. If you choose to undertake your own packing, Osbornes Removals Company Manchester can provide you with all the packaging materials you would require to pack up all your household goods.

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More Packing tips to help you during your move

Start your Packing Early!

Begin packing your non essential items as soon as possible and continue to do so until you have exchanged contracts for your new home. This will help give you a head start before you get your moving date. It is essential that everything is packed in advance of our staff arriving.

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Breakable/ Fragile Items

Ensure you use plenty of packing paper. You can use packing paper or bubble wrap to stuff the sides and bottom of boxes for added protection. Cushions, pillows and other soft items can be used for extra padding.

Make a thick layer of scrunched up packing paper at the bottom of your box. Then individually wrap crockery and glassware. Stack plates on their side to avoid any breakages. Then make a thick layer of scrunched up packing paper at the top of your box and use packing tape seal the box. Don’t forget to label all your boxes FRAGILE, with a description of contents and the room you would like the box to be delivered to.

General Packing Tips

Dismantling of items – If you are doing your own dismantling ensure this is done before moving day. Ensure all screws, nuts and bolts are kept together and are safe.

Appliances – Make sure all appliances are drained and disconnected before you move. (Our staff are not insured to do this)

Wardrobes and Clothing – Wardrobe boxes are provided for the duration of your move to transport any hanging clothes. Ensure you have hanging space at your new home to rehang your clothing. Clothes not on a hanger need to be packed into boxes.

Electronic and computer Equipment – Ensure all leads are disconnected and kept together with remote controls. Wrapping paper and bubble wrap should be used to pack any electricals. If you still have original boxes, use these to pack for transport.

Keys and important Documents – Ensure car keys, house keys, passports and other important documents are kept safe, as we do not want them to get accidentally packed away or lost.

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Moving Manchester for over 100 Years!

Moving Manchester for over 100 Years!

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